So it begins…

Hi there, and thanks so much for checking out Being Unbroken. In this first post, I just want to take some time to explain how this blog came into existance and my humble explanation of what it means to live (and be) Unbroken.

Honestly, I’ve mulled around the idea of starting a blog for 3-5 years now–but just didn’t take the initiative to get things up and running. Like many others, I have kiddos and work full time and life just gets busy. How many times have we all put things off that are “non-urgent,” sometimes indefinitely? Well, lately it has been made very apparent that life is SO super short, and I’ve been making a point to change some of my ways…like letting dreams and goals go unrealized, so here we are. I’d like to give a huge “thank you” to my friend Angie for suggesting that I use the word “unbroken” and brainstorming with me about how to make this all come together. I totally know that God puts people into our paths at certain points for a reason and I’m so thankful for friends like her.

The concept of Being Unbroken comes from the thought that so many things happen in our lives leaving us a bit broken. Trauma, loss and change are inevitable in this life, and they can leave us reeling. Being broken is something that we all have in common and truthfully, brokenness is part of the human condition. We all have stories of how various circumstances have “broken” us.

The issue, however, is that some of us set up camp in the middle of the brokenness and decide to just stay there. I’m all for taking time to pause and work through the emotions that may arise during tough times (sadness, anger, fear, grief, etc.) but part of processing the brokenness is deciding what to do next and attempting to carry on with life–creating a new normal. I know, for me, at some points in my life it just felt easier, or maybe even safer to just pull the covers over my head whether literally or metaphorically and refuse to make any steps towards moving on. Many times, the biggest issue with moving on with your life means that you have to actually acknowledge that the trauma, loss or change has happened and things have changed irrevocably. The good news, however, is that we have a great big God who meets us right in the middle of our brokenness. In the Bible, the book of Isaiah says that God will give “beauty for ashes” which has always meant that the hardest worst most terrible things that occur can and will be used for His glory if we just trust in God to get us through them. But how do we get from broken to UNbroken?

We all have a story, a path to becoming broken. Here’s an excerpt of mine: In the past 3 months, I have broken an engagement with someone who meant the world to me. Then, my mother was found to have suddenly died at the age of 56–cause of death still unknown. I’m in the process of a major financial overhaul. I also completed a Critical Care course which required 56ish hours online, 3 months of clinical hands-on experience and classroom learning and a test. Talk about stress. All I wanted to do was hide and eat things that aren’t good for me and cry. But here’s the thing: how does stopping my whole life and hiding under the covers and eating Nutella out of the container with a spoon help me long term? It totally doesn’t! Because the truth is, the longer that I spent in the thick of my grief and shock and stress, the worse I felt. The more I tried to control every last detail of every little thing, it actually imprisoned me, rather than setting me free! So, I started intentionally choosing to live “UNbroken.”

Living an UNbroken life is somewhat of a new concept to me–one that I have come to refer to as “living in the afterward.” My life looks totally different from how it did 6 months ago, and although I still grieve my relationship and most definitely my mama (at the time that I’m writing this, it’s been less than a month since she passed), I have chosen to live. It has become so apparent to me that I can either be stagnant, or I can MOVE. I chose to move. I choose to live. I choose to laugh and love and try my best to find joy. Without all the heartache, I never would have been able to learn and grow in the ways that I am–and for that, I’m so thankful. My faith has never been more intact. I absolutely know that God has a plan for my life and while I am here I will make it a life well-lived.  By no means do I have “the afterward” all figured out, but I’m looking for joy in the simple things–my big soft kitty purring next to me, the way my kiddos snuggle and make me laugh, midnight lunch and laughs at work and especially making the time to connect with people that mean the most to me. The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is MAKE THE TIME. The rest? I’m still on the journey…

Thanks for reading my incredibly long-winded explanation of Being Unbroken’s origin story. My hope is that through this blog, I can post some things that offer hope, humor, distraction and some random tidbits along the way. I’m totally open to guest posts, so if you have an idea to share, click the “contact me” tab. Let’s learn how to Be Unbroken together.